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The Four Percent Group  and more ...

Update:  5/29/2018
Although I will still post blog updates on this site - the majority of New Indepth Articles will be posted on 

Along the path I will share with you ideas for you to think about and maybe use in your own personal success story.  If there is something you would like us to look into so that we can share with others, please email us at [email protected]

Thank you for visiting our website and allowing us to assist you on your journey.  Rick Fronek 11/14/16

11/14/16 - Focus on your goal, whatever it may be.  Maintain a positive attitude and when you feel frustrated or orverwhelmed, stop and think about your goal - your goal will help you overcome your set backs along the way.  

11/16/16 - One of the things my mentor shared with me as being of the utmost importance is 'sharing the knowledge' of what you have learned on your road to success.  I would not be in the position I am today without him sharing his knowledge with me.  
For all of those who are viewing my website for the first time either through an email invite or from seeing my add in the Orange Peel Gazette - I welcome you on your new journey.  I hope you find the links and information posted to be of value and help you on your road to success.  Thank you!

11/20/16 - While it is too easy sometimes to put things off, it is always better to stay focused on your end result.  Reaching your Journey's destination sometimes requires everyday sacrifices.  Remember - 'you become what you think about' - " The strangest Secret"

11/21/16 - I have been working on upgrading/updating a few things on the site which should be ready to go during the week.  I appreciate all of your support.  Stay focused - your journey will lead you to places you didn't realize even existed.

11/24/2016 - HAPPY THANKSGIVING - From my family to yours, may your day be filled with Happiness!

11/28/16 - Big week ahead for all of those who are interested, I will have a home page link for a quick start into the 4% Group. A lot will be happening - things are going to take off! 

12/9/16 - As any affiliate marketer will atest, have been busy with multipe projects including new shopify store which has been a very unique challenge :) 

1/1/17 - Happy New Year Everyone! May your 2017 be Happy, Healthy and the most Successful year of your life!  Thank you for the continued support.

1/22/17 - I HIGHLY  recommend you check out the "7 Steps To Results Guide" Link .  If you are an Entrepreneur especially - you will have a TON of value and resources at your hands to start a Successful Business in 2017.  If you are a small or large business owner I highly Recommend it as well.  You will have access to information and tips to increase sales and generate more traffic for your website in 2017.  It is Absolutely FREE  to gain access to this information.  All you need is your name and contat email.  

3/02/17 I shot a quick video today on "The #1 thing you should do before starting an online business opportunity - strangest secret"   I highly recommend you listen to it here .

3/03/17 - I've added a few updated links and information on additional resources for you to use.  The Shopify store is a great source for anyone wanting to create another source of income on the side - also as a way of generating additional trafic to your primary business.  The key is to draw traffic and resources in from all marketing and social media platforms.  
If you haven't checked out the 7 Steps To Results Guide - I highly encourage you to do so. Even if you pick up some advice on ways of optimizing your current business - it is time well spent.  As Always - please contact me if you have any questions or need assistance. 

4/17/17 - Available now "InstaTraffic Mastery".  When Facebook purchased Instagram in 2012 - they saw the vision of how social media would become one of the most powerful platforms for ecommerece in the future.  With this course designed by Tim Karsliyev (one of the biggest Instagram Influencers) you will get a world-class comprehensive course that covers everything A to Z and become an Instagram Master.   To stay on top of the cutting edge of social media, every entrepreneur and business owner needs to master Instagram.  This course will show you how to accomplish that.

6/12/17 New Special Feature added - "FourpercentTV" -shares continued training webinars on topics of Traffic Generation, Marketing & Strategy,Motivation,The Journey and Straight Talk.  With previous webinars and trainings available under the "Shows" tab when you click through the link.  I have found these vital to my success online and I Highly Recommend you take the time to watch- Thank you Rick

6/29/2017 Back from the 4% International Conference - I will have a lot of new information and content to share with you.  I will also be creating a separate blog for easy access for future reference on updates.  

8/18/2017 We are Extremely pleased and proud of our Brand New Estage Blog/Website
We created Worksmarter4yourfuture as an additional channel for our subscribers and audience to reach us through.  We have an interactive blog that will bring you tips and solutions to help scale your business for future growth.   Feel free to subscribe to either site as we will continue to bring you the most relevant resources for your business. 

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