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Video Creatives

Videos are an integral part of every business marketing strategy. The age of video has arrived and can easily be incorporated into your website, social media page, newsletters and sms marketing strategies. Browse are Worksmarter4u Video Creative selection to see how video and animation can bring your product, service or business to life!

Video preveiw
Video preveiw
Video preveiw

Instantly create attention grabbing videos within minutes. Sample video shows the one click language translation feature.

AI Sketch Animation Videos

Next-gen Artificial Intelligence software can now transform static photos into visually captivating 3D drawing and sketch animation videos in various colors, styles and backgrounds within minutes.

Create super unique videos that tell a compelling story and grabs your viewers attention that allows your business product or service to stand out from your competition.

Sketch Animation styles include: 3d Crayon, Charcoal, Animated Sketch Notebook, Chalkboard, Animated flipbook, Black and White Pencil drawing, 3D Color pencil and more!

Additional features:

Create Unlimited ultra-long video presentations without incurring any additional cost.

Text to speech voices

Upload your own voice over

Royalty free music library

Background Remover

AI Scene Creator

Captions and Subtitles

Whatever your marketing goal is, sales videos, product presentations, educational videos and more, this AI Sketch Animation software has you covered. Our 'Worksmarter4u Designer Studio' team can create captivating videos for you and also incorporate into any style featured here on our Video Creatives page.

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How To Create Professional Looking Doodle Videos in Minutes

Doodle Videos

Attract, engage and convert with stunning Doodle videos. Animated Doodle videos are unbeatable for inspiring and creating action from you customers. They are multi-sensory as people watch, read and listen all at the same time.

Color, black and white or glass board video designs have been shown to retain user attention and improve click through rates over traditional marketing videos.

Doodle videos are great for: Lead generation, sales, ecommerce, affiliate marketing, branding, social media, traffic generation, product creation, coaching, agency businesses and education and more.

Perfect for: Content creators, teachers, authors, youtubers, freelancers, coaches, digital marketers, online & offline business owners, affiliate marketers, social media managers, bloggers and more!

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Designer Studio

Our Designer Studio division specializes in creating designs, animations, and visuals that are proven to generate more traffic, leads, and sales to boost ROI at the most affordable price.

Our designs are available in all-languages, topics and sizes to fit most social media platform requirements.

Just some of our designer studio 'attention grabbing' capabilities include: Background Removal, Banner Ads (static and motion), Infographics, YouTube Thumbnails, T-Shirt and Product Mockups, Flyers, Certificates, Invitations, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and more!

Our Designer Studio can even incorporate multiple features into stunning Avatar videos, Creative Custom videos, Doodle - Educational videos and more!

If you or your business is doing any type of marketing online - our Designer Studio division has you covered!

To learn more, request a quote and get our special launch pricing for NEW Customers visit our "Designer Studios" page or contact us today!

Editing Suite

Our brand new Editing Suite division utilizes the latest Artificial Intelligence technology to deliver unprecedented photo and video technology to enhance any advertising campaign.

Our AI technology can take any graphic, animation or video and create a sensational attention grabbing visual that will attract and captivate your target audience.

Our technology can create custom designs that are available in all-languages at an affordable price that will separate you from your competition.

Just some of our Editing Suite capabilities include.
Image Background Remover

Image Object Remover

3D Photo Animator

Animated Ad Builder

Video Survey Pro

Pix Perfect

Logo Generator

One-Touch Retouch and so much more!

Our Editing Studio AI technology can even incorporate multiple images and features into our stunning Avatar videos, Creative Custom videos, Doodle - Educational videos and more!

If you or your business are doing any type of marketing online - our Editing Suite division can take everyday 'average' photos and videos and create sensational designs that will stand you head and shoulders above your competition!

During our Grand Opening - we not only offer a huge discount for new customers but also for a very limited time, we are offering these individual apps with lifetime access for an unheard of discounted pricce. To learn more, request a quote and get our special Grand Opening launch pricing visit our "EDITING SUITE" page or contact us today!

Video preveiw

Avatar Artificial Intelligence Videos

Avatar videos allow our clients to replace expensive spokespersons, multiple video apps as well as voice artists. This not only saves them time but money.

Our Avatar videos feature next-generation 3D Animation, AI and multi-lingual video technology. Featuring Customizable 3D Spokespersons in a style similar to movie quality animation, our customers can get 10X more engagement while doubling leads, traffic and sales.

With over 38 Different Avatar customizable characters and 13 plus Video styles, we can create highly engaging videos suitable for all audiences.

Our Avatar videos feature:

Talking spokespersons

A.I. smart scene creators

Hundreds of natural sounding voices (we can also convert text to speech)

Logo mapping to brand your video

Ability to add watermarks and backgrounds

Incorporate still photos with videos depending on video style

Ability to add background music

Dynamic scene animations and transition and much, much more!

Our Avatar video software is customizable to fit your needs regardless of niche,

product or service!

To learn more or request a quote contact us today!

A Sample Of Some Of Our Video Creatives

Video preveiw
Video preveiw
Video preveiw

Video Advertisements

The demand for video advertising has become a more integral part of every business marketing stragegy. Having a vast assortment of styles, features and lengths available to our customers is something that our VideoCreatives division of Worksmarter4u takes pride in.

Again we expanded our capabilities to offer our customers and the widest range of video templates designs (763+) with various lengths suitable for every niche, product or service.

Our feature "Ad Videos" include 3D design, attention grabbing videos, product demo videos, flipbooks, corporate commercials and more!

Here are just some of the niches and types of high quality videos we can produce:

Accountants, Book Promotions, Banks, Chiropractor, Church, Dentist, Doctor, Ecommerce, Explainer / Educational, Facebook Cover Videos, Financial Advisors, Fund Raiser Events, Marketing Commercials, Neon sign, Real Estate, Restaurant, and many more!

Video lengths from 15 seconds to 1 minute and more if needed. For most advertisements we recommend 1 minute or less. However we are here to accomodate whatever you and your business needs.

Our VideoCreatives 'Ad' videos are perfect for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Etsy, Ebay and more!

Video Format Rations include:

Landscape: 16:9

Square: 1:1

Portrait: 4:5

Vertical: 9:12

Contact one of our VideoCreative specialists today for a quote and more information!

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Additional Styles of Our Video Creative Capabilities

Video preveiw
Video preveiw
Video preveiw