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Achieve the Unachievable

... achieve success and happiness in life. Whether you are someone trying to pursue something your are passionate about, an Entrepreneur wondering how you can get started, or an established business owner looking to achieve more success in all aspects of your business ... "Together we can achieve the unachievable".

Realizing there was a need to help others streamline their efforts to achieving success, amidst all the noise and confusion online, I founded Worksmarter4u back in 2016.

My passion was to help others focus on the daily action steps that will help them work smarter for their future. The actions you take each day should help you build strategically towards something greater.

So often there is a tendency to follow the same routine daily. Yet a different perspective and an outside view is sometimes all we need to take our lives or our business to the next level.

I am a firm believer in being a "product of the product". I will never recommend or offer insight on something I have not tried or personally had experience with in my business or personal life.

At Worksmarter4u, we take pride in understanding who you are and what you would like to achieve before we offer our insight and recommendations. Communication is the key factor in achieving the results you are looking for.

Our commitment to you is providing the best possible quality of service that will allow you to worksmarter4yourfuture and achieve the unachievable.

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Rick Fronek ~ My Story

I grew up in the small town of Batavia Illinois located in the western suburbs of Chicago. The youngest of 4 sons in a very close family of 6. Family values, traditions and Catholic faith are what helped shape who I am today. "How you treat those around you and whom you come in contact with is how you would like to be treated yourself."

Whether you are a family member, friend, current client or potential client you will always be treated with kindness and respect.

I graduated from Batavia Senior High School and entered the U.S. Army the following fall. My experience in the Army also helped shape my work ethics and how I approach every day as "anything can be accomplished when we put our mind and passion into it". It also helped instill 'pride in my country' and together 'working as a team' great things can be accomplished. No great country or great company can stand the test of time without teamwork.

After I finished my military service I embarked on a journey that would give me 32+ years of experience in Purchasing, Manufacturing, Retail Sales as well as Hotel Hospitality. Each position I held gave me additional experience as well as taught me the most important aspect of any business is phenomenal customer service.

As business changed over the years with the evolution and rapid growth online, I realized there was a void and a lack of understanding of how local businesses and smaller 'mom and pop' stores could compete with larger corporations and brands.

This lead me to taking the experience I personally gained, coupled with guidance from a mentor to creating my company, Worksmarter4u in Galena Illinois.

I am a very proud US Army Veteran who is the father of two incredible sons Rick and Ryne. Some of my passions include fishing, football, baseball, collecting, cooking, and saving in the form of precious metals. Spending family time with my two sons and brothers is a top priority in my life.


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Webtalk Legends Episode 23

I had the pleasure of being featured on Webtalk Legends Episode 23 on June 29th, 2022 with host Shawn Ziem. The Webtalk Legends podcast connects members that are active on one of the newest, fastest growing social media platforms Webtalk, Learn with Legends and all social media platforms.

The Webtalk Legend podcasts allow active members to share their personal story, their business, tips and insight, and what they recommend that leads to success online and off.

In this episode I discuss my personal journey and why I founded and created Silver And Gold Solutions. Sharing the opportunity of how everyday people can save in silver and gold, regardless of their financial situation, and create a more secure future for themselves and their family.

Webtalk Legends Episode 23

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Webtalk Legends Episode 8 EE

I had the pleasure of being featured on Webtalk Legends Episode 8 back on April 27, 2021 with Webtalk Legends founder Scott Gerrard. Webtalk Legends is a community of highly motivated founding members of the fastest growing social media platform Webtalk. Together, the Legends assist new users to gain the knowledge, training, advice and resources to help establish themselves and leverage the Webtalk platform.

Webtalk Legends Episode 8

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Titanology - Titan Business Builders

I had the pleasure of being featured on the Titanology "Titan Business Builders" podcast on July 2, 2021 with CEO Stefaan De Vreese. TITANOLOGY WORLD serves as a forum for the TITANS in the digital business world, marketing agency and ecomm business community to talk shop, share experiences, and contribute tips, advice, and experiences in a cordial, friendly atmosphere.

Titan Business Builders Podcast

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We believe in getting to know our customers and understand where you are in your business

and what your long term goals are. This will allow us to build off of what is working for you and offer

insight, solutions and recommendations that will help you achieve long term success.

Disabled American Veterans

Worksmarter4u is a proud supporter of the Disabled American Veterans.

10% of all profits are shared in supporting our disabled veterans.