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Worksmarter4u Business Solutions include a variety of tools, resources and recommendations that will help simplify your marketing strategies both online and off. This page features several resources that we have personal experience with that can be incorporated into your website, social media page or online advertisement.

We believe that no visitor to anyone's website, blog, advertisement or information offer should leave without having a positive experience and means for connecting with your visitor in the future.

Browse our recommended resources and also take advantage of some of the free downloads offered by these companies.

For additional information and or personalized recommendations please visit our contact page to reach out via email or by phone.

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Solutions for every Business...

Tools, Training and Resources to help you grow and scale your business online and off.

Connecting Your Business

There are a wide selection of marketing tools and resources that can help you keep your business connected with your online customers

The following autoresponders, funnel builders, tracking technology, domain registrars and outsourcing companies are ones that we currently use, recommend and are affiliated with.

Most of the companies we work with offer 14 to 30 day trial periods with options of month to month commitments. We always encourage our customers to utilize the free trial periods to insure that the tools or resources are a good fit for their organization..

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All In One Marketing Tools

Connecting with visitors that come to your website, blog, offer or service can easily be accomplished through the use of autoresponders as well as sales funnels.

Newsletter sign ups, special offers, or webinar registrations are just some of the ways to make a connection with your visitors. Having the right tools and options in place can help you build your client list with the ability to reach out to them with the latest products, services, news or information.

Here we offer some of the All In One business tools to help you accomplish connecting with and retaining your customers. Some of our highly recommended Page and Funnel builders, autoresponders and tracking technology are featured here.

Some of the all-in-one tools we recommend provide marketing solutions for what you need to accomplish online. From creating engagement with your customers, growing your audience to selling your product or service and boosting sales. These tools will give you the ability to reach your desired goals.

All in one marketing tools can create the business automation that allows you to focus more on serving your customers opposed to handling the day to day tasks. Workflow automations help accomplish this with the use of optin pages, landing pages, email campaigns, webinars, ecommerce integration and more.

All of the recommended tools below come with step by step training to get you up and running quickly.

Get Response and Aweber come with a 30 day free trial period.

ClickFunnels® offers a 14 day free trial period.

ClickMagick is one of the hidden gems in Marketing. For anyone running any ad campaigns, blogs, and offering resources to their users, the use of tracking technology can provide detailed analytics crucial to your R.O.I. Knowing where your posts are getting engagement allows you to scale the ones that provide the best R.O.I. and eliminate the one that are not.

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Your Future In Marketing

Your Future In Marketing will share highly recommended programs, software and video insight to help you scale your business online and stay ahead of the marketing trends.

Moving forward we will have a video section for you to access training, tips and strategies right here from Worksmarter4u.

Our forth coming blog section will share detailed information on features and programs that are being implemented in real time.


Mass Traffic Blueprint

Mass Traffic Blueprint is the formula that allows business owners and Entrepreneurs to generate massive amounts of traffic, leads and endless sales online.

This 5 module course shares a step by step, mentor guided training that follows a specific Blueprint (MTB free download also included) that uses the 'Data Aggregation' formula that Google, Facebook and Amazon use to generate endless amounts of visitors.

Regardless of your niche, product or service, Mass Traffic Blueprint will help you get results!

Follow along in this video guided program and understand the blueprint to getting results online.

Topics include:

Fast Traffic

Strategic Scale

Managing Traffic

Learn how to never waste a click.

Strategies to multiply sales, money and traffic!

Special Offer - Download your copy of MTB For Free!

Access your personal downloadable copy right here!


Another highly recommended book that will give you behind the scene strategies for generating traffic to your website or offer.

Russell shares the same strategies he used to take Clickfunnels®

from zero to over $100,000,000 in revenue in just 3 years.

*Note: ClickFunnels® #ad #ClickFunnels -I am an independent affiliate of ClickFunnels and may receive a commission if you take advantage of this offer.


Mass Traffic Blueprint

How To Get Traffic Leads And Sales To Your Website - Mass Traffic Blueprint Free Training Course. Video shares overview of how to access for free as well as a bonus course.


Grow Your Business with Google

Free Downloadable PDF's from a Google Webinar I attended. Great tips and resources for business owners and Entrepreneurs.

Quick Tips & Links Reference Guide PDF

Make Your Website Work For You PDF

Make Your Website Work For You Power Point PDF

AMA Affiliate Marketing Academy Masterclass Registration

Affiliate Marketing Academy - Free Masterclass

Affiliate Marketing Masterclass - How to Create and Launch a Wildly Profitable Affiliate Marketing Business in the Next 30 Days - then Scale it to Six Figures and Beyond 'Step-by-Step'.

Register Your Spot (Free no cc required)


Mass Traffic Blueprint Free Training + Bonus

Introduction video shares how to get Traffic, Leads, and Sales to your website or offer.

How to Access Mass Traffic Blueprint (MTB) for Free and also a special bonus training of 7 Steps To Freedom.

No CC required to create your free account and access both training programs for free...


Free Online Workshop

Put your Marketing & Your Business on Autopilot ... Get your Time Back

Free training shares how to:

-stop doing tasks in your business below your pay grade

-get more free time to pursue your passions

-secret LinkedIn system for generating leads for life

-mine the internet for the most qualified leads for your business



As you build and grow your business online - utilizing the most state of the art website will allow you to scale as marketing trends change.

ESTAGE is a unique privately owned website builder from the Four Percent. Intuitive by design with the ability to custom create and help you define your brand online.

Currently only available to Four Percent Gold Level members and above. Visit here for more information and to create a free account.

*Also note a special offer is made during the Affiliate Marketing Academy presentation.


Grow Your Business With YouTube

How to use YouTube to Grow your Business.

Free Downloadable PDF's courtesy of Google from a Webinar I attended. Great tips and resources for business owners and Entrepreneurs.

Quick Tips & Links Reference Guide PDF

Utilize YouTube to Grow Quick Reference Guide PDF

Use YouTube To Grow Your Business PowerPoint Slides PDF - Please email us via our contact page to request this specific pdf.


Additional Training Videos, PDF's and Articles

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