Wealth Building

The programs and resources we use to make and earn money passively. This also includes building wealth, and wealth preservation by saving in the form of precious metals, gold and silver.

Additionally we are part of building the people's network with iHub. This is a great opportunity to earn passively while revolutionizing how wireless devices interact globally.

The Everyday Persons Guide To Gold and Silve - Free Ebook.

Ebook shares information that everyone should be aware of when it comes to saving in the form of precious metals (gold and silver).

With tips on 'How to preserve long term wealth and a more secure financial future' - And Most importantly how you can have the opportunity to save in precious metals starting today!

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Silver and Gold Solutions is an additional site that is part of Worksmarter4u.

In December of 2020 we were introduced to 7k. A company that shares the opportunity for everyone to save in the form of silver and gold even if you are on a tight budget.

We are an Independent Associate for them and we are Excited to share this opportunity with you. It is a great opportunity for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to have the opportunity to start building wealth by saving incrementally month to month. For more information contact us direct or sign up for the Zoom webinar right here. Visit Silver And Gold Solutions here.

Moving forward as we complete the Silver and Gold Solutions website we will have a direct link for you to access additional training and be a part of a team that will help each other grow and create a more secure lifestyle for our futures together.

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Special April 14th Video: Maximize Profits In The Gold And Silver Markets - Expert Strategy Revealed! Taking advantage of market dips to maximize your portfolio profits. Short Video shares how to purchase gold or silver instantly from your phone or computer with a just a few clicks.

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Special Wealth Strategies presentation for 2023 with a Free Silver and Gold Giveaway contest*. Additional free bonuses are shared to help make 2023 a little less stressful. *Note: Our Final Silver & Gold Giveaway Contest ends on April 30th 2023. Please follow the instructions in Video to qualify.

Save, Share and Earn!

Find out how Average Everyday people are building wealth as they save for their future in silver and gold. Free Webinar shows how anyone can save monthly in precious metals with the opportunity to share with others and earn passively in the process. *

*(Income Disclosure Statement)

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Welcome to iHub Global

If you are interested in owning the people's network with Helium, iHub is the vehicle that brings you this opportunity.

The iHub affiliate network is now available for anyone to join for free and share the opportunity with others. With a powerful coded affiliate program, it allows members to plug in and own the network with or without the option of being a host.

By simply connecting a small device in your home or office, you can provide your city with miles of low-power network coverage for billions of devices, earning a new cryptocurrency, HNT in the process.

Create your free affiliate account and reserve your hotspot miner with a small deposit today! Help build and own a piece of the people's network! For more information or to Get started today just click right here*!

*additional information and a short video is available when you click the link above*

Disrupting the Future of Digital Marketing

Find out how one small device plugged into the TV screen at your place of business is changing the way business owners open to the public are sharing content with their customers.

Business owners can have their very own custom digital signage streaming live while still providing high-quality engaging content to their customers.

Find out how this free*, simple plug-and-play device works and how you can request one today.

Business owners can request a device here.

To share this technology with business owners as an affiliate create your free account here.

*Everything about this device is free including shipping, 24/7 customer support and assistance in creating your own digital signage. No contracts or commitments required.*

iHub Travel

iHub expanded its services in 2022 to Include a new division called iHub Travel.

The iHub Travel division gives members Exclusive Travel and Lifestyle Benefits at their fingertips!

Best prices Guaranteed on Flights, Hotels, and Resorts.

Unlock Access to the Lowest Travel Rates: Taking your family on Vacation? Are business plans taking you out of town?

IHub travel gives members the best Insider travel rates:

From Hotels to Resorts, Flights, Cruises, Car Rentals, Homes, Timeshares, Extended Stays, Activities, and More!

With iHub Travel if you find a lower price anywhere online, iHub Travel will refund you 110% of the difference.

Claim your Free Complimentary iHub Starter Membership with up to 50% of savings here.

iHub Travel offers two paid memberships - basic and premium. These enable additional savings and the ability to share with family and friends. For more information on paid memberships visit here.